Honda CB750 K7 restoration project

A long forgotten Honda CB750 K7 gets pulled out from a shed and teared into bits and pieces to be re-built as new.

I met a guy which after a while told me that he had brain cancer and had a defined and short time left to live. One thing led to another and I decided to buy his Honda CB750 K7 and start a full restoration together with him.

First this project needed a real cleanup of everything from rat dirt to paint and grease.

It soon became obvious that this would be a Money Pit nearly as big as the one at Oak Island.

Even the speedometer was rusted through the metal

The tank was pretty beaten up and all decals were gone.

Fenders were dented and rusted. the budgeted cost for the total restoration had to be hidden for my wife.

Normally you choose a bike with some good parts to start with a restoration but here the engine was more or less stuck and 3rd gear was not working. This should be the start of approximately 900 restoration hours of pure fun.

Starting with removing the seat the tear down was started. Follow this article from start to finished bike here on EriksBikeWorld.


Erik Michelsen

Erik Michelsen

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