Coronavirus – How will it end?

What is most harmful? The Coronavirus or the way we try to resolve the crisis?
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The Start

Early 2020 we got to know about a virus called COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. The outbreak had started in China December 2019 and the distance from the outbreak to Europe was comfortable for us living in the North. Most of us were of the opinion that the virus could not be any more dangerous than an normal flu – At least not as bad a a real Manflu!


Should we worry?

We heard more and more about the virus, watched the Chineese building a hospital in 10 days, and started to see the contoures of something scary. Still, most of us concluded that most of the world were hysteric and that we could relax. How bad could it be?


Suddenly we start seeing people getting the virus in Norway and in our neighbour countries. The authorities states that we have full control and that not more than 100 people will be infected before Easter. After some days the number of infected increased exponetially and shit started to hit the fan. Newspapers started to make live overview of infected and fatalities and the whole thing turned into a freak show.

How we as humanity react?

Understanding the magnitude of this crises we react as a group with fear. Since we have been living in a protected environment for many years we start looking for rules or regulations to resolve this future disaster. We quickly understand that there are no rules for this and that most of them comes too late. In our comfortable lazyness we have forgotten how to be a rebel and break out of the group and say – STOP. We are so used to somebody fixing issues for us that we have lost our abillity to think out of the box when an out of the box sittuation occurs.

The universal solution?

When not rules works and things appears as chaos we still grip to the universal solution for a crisis: PANIC. Panic combined with leaders more afraid of their reputation than the people to save,  results in too little to late and a solution destructive for the economy and the society as a whole.

Where will it end?

3-4 weeks from now we will see that businesses has lost money, people have lost their jobs and the virus will continue to infect and take lives. We have to accept that many of us will be infected, some of us will die but most important we have to re-start our lives and come back to normal routines. If not our way of handling this crises will harm us more than the virus itself.

What did we learn?

After a while we migth look back and find the following learnings:

  1. We are vulnerable as humanity.
  2. We have forgotten how to react as individualists and rely too much on the structured society to save us.
  3. We must enjoy life when we can.
  4. And last but not least: There are no such thing as too many motorcycles!
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