Gilera – Assembly has started!

With great enthusiasm the assembly of the Gilera starts!

Impassioned people are quicker than others!

All painted parts has arrived and the next step is assembly. For Gisle the workshop has now officially been upgrade to a Gilera temple!

With volunteer labor called in for weekend work the assembly can start. The engine was carefully placed into the frame followed by the swingarm and shock absorbers.

The shiny rear wheel is installed and spinned for testing.

The triple tree and fork legs are installed and adjusted.

Its not easy to install free ball bearings. Only a every day hero can achieve this!!

Chain and chain cover was carefully mounted. The yellow and green wire are longing for connection to the tail lights.

The headlight and related cables are installed to be able to cope with the dark winter roads in Norway. 

Exhaust and throttle and brak wires are mounted.

With a small plastic bottle as a gas tank it was hard to resist a quick test of the assembled Gilera. Video session from the testing will come in the next post!


Erik Michelsen

Erik Michelsen

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