Honda CB750 K7 – Tear down!

Starting to tear down the Honda CB750 K7 reveals a lot of parts to be replaced
Starting with the front
Steering wheel, light and instruments removal
Chain is loosened
The chain was rusted stuck and some brute force was required
Engine mounts loosened
Everything that could be stuck was stuck!
Rear engine bolt removed
Pretty close to removing the engine from the frame
Engine is loose!
The Honda CB750 engine is a piece of art!
Some oil leakage!
In addition to dead bugs mixed with asfalt dust some of the engine oil had escaped!
The Honda is down to being a rolling chassis
The frame gets a good wash
Removing 40 years of shit required more than water...

The tear down took around 25 hours including registration of parts. Stay tuned for the rest of this restoration!


Erik Michelsen

Erik Michelsen

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