Jones Supercharged 4 cylinder motorcycle

EBW has been lucky to get pictures from the owner of the Jones Supercharged 4 cylinder race bike

Unique racing motorcycle built during the war

This is one of the worlds rarest motorcycles designed and built prior to the Post War racing Supercharged ban. This Bike was built by Dennis Jones of Long Eaton, who’s profession was engine developer at Rolls Royce.
Forced induction two stroke, Telescopic forks, Plunger Frame, Shaft drive, Centralized brakes using a bell crank operated through the wheel spindle.

Dennis Jones working on assembling the supercharged engine

All parts where custom built for this engine

Bill Lomas the EX Motorcycle World Champion and friend of Dennis thought the Jones Supercharged bike would drown out the sound of a racing DKW, and they used to say that you could hear them in Liverpool when racing in the Isle of Man.

This photos show Dennis Jones with the bike after restoration.

This bike is featured in:
Motorcycle Dec 20th 1945
Motorcycle Sport June 1966
Classic Racer Dec 2008
Legend bike Oct 2008
Plus mentioned in various other Publications. Now also in EriksBikeWorld!

The Supercharging ban meant the bike was never raced but Dennis used it on the road for a period.

This is the view that most of the competitors would have if the bike would be raced.

A big thank you to Paul for sharing the pictures and the story around this unique piece of racing motorcycle history.


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