Doctors and men

Do not wait too long...

As many men I do not particularly like doctors and seldom visit them if not really required. This time I absolutely did the mistake of waiting too long before checking a wound that never healed. Waiting four years was not a good idea resulting removing quite some skin with skin cancer. Luckily it is a mild form for cancer and will hopefully not return. Here is the new set of rules for men that avoid doctors:

1. If you are in doubt you should probably go.

2. If a wound do not heal in 3 weeks – GO.

3. Any changes to your body not caused by too much beer and burgers should be examined

If you follow these rules you might live to use all your motorbikes and have a happy future!

Take care, stay healthy and keep the shiny side up!

Erik Michelsen

Erik Michelsen

Creative with interest for motorcycles and more

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